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Jagged Alliance Center


Jagged Alliance Center is a Polish website dedicated to Jagged Alliance games series. It was created in a quite chaotic fashion, but the official founding date is considered to be 27 V 2006. Since that day some objectives got changed, although we still intend to constitute a site, that will support and unite Jagged Alliance community not only in Poland but abroad as well.
Our priority is to support Polish mod-making groups such as Iron Squad and Jagged Alliance Zone. The site is responsible for having interviewed many Jagged Alliance games makers, but also mod-makers as well (interviews with Scorpion about Renegade Republic, with IS and JAZ groups).
The site has also a rich and, as a matter of fact, the only one in the world screen gallery from different Jagged Alliance games, which is a real rarity for the fans. A well developed download section is an additional attraction for visitors.

JACenter editorial staff consists of:
- LukasAMD
- Moteel
- Len
- Bartek0511
- Rafadan_PL
- Snick
- Vai


What is more, our site runs the first world map of JA fans, to which fans from around the world, even from countries like Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and many more, have been signing in for a couple of months now. It is the first and biggest map of this kind. Anyway, whoever is in it, add yourself too! ;)

World Map Of Jagged Alliance Fans
Jagged Alliance Center - Site map

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