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Iron Squad is the biggest Polish modification group that makes modifications and polonizations of Jagged Alliance games. The group was formed on the 30th December 2004, the same day the work on its first project, Polish version of JA2: Urban Chaos, officially took off. The project was widely popular from the very beginning to the very end. Since the beginning to the present day it's been led by the same person - Len. We are the biggest and the most popular Polish group of this kind and even though many other passed through the Polish JA scene, only Iron Squad has stood the test of time.

Group's acomplished project:
JA2: Urban Chaos (Polish version)
JA2: Vietnam SOG '69 (Polish version)
JA2 1.13 (Polish version)
Sti Edit & Slf-Explorer (Polish version)
And current in-progress projects:
JA2: Renegade Republic (Polish version)
JA2: 1.13 Urban Chaos (Polish version)
Projekt X (all that is known is the fact that it's being created)
Currently 14 persons belong to the group. Troughout the years of our activity we have entered into cooperation with, among others: Reico, Scorpion, Head Hunter, Will473, Moteel, Jazz. What is more, the group is still evolving and it seems that,thanks to the Polish version of Renegade Republic and the Project X, which is a big unknown( fans suggest it's a new modification) the pace will not slow down.

Official Website Iron Squad

Iron Squad | FonoGAME | Gry.Gery.pl | Jagged Alliance Center

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